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SSH and remote servers

Castor provide several ssh_* functions to run SSH commands on remote servers or upload/download files through SCP.

Common parameters

The following parameters are common to all of the ssh_*() functions:

  • $host (string): Host to connect to.
  • $user (string): Optional user to connect with.
  • $ssh_options (array): Optional configuration of the connexion.

The ssh_options argument supports the following options:

  • port (int): port to use to connect to the remote server (default: 22)
  • path_private_key (string): path to the private key to use to connect to the remote server
  • jump_host (string): host to use as a jump host
  • multiplexing_control_path (string): path to the control socket for multiplexing connections
  • multiplexing_control_persist (string): whether to persist the control socket for multiplexing connections or idle time after which the backgrounded master connection will automatically terminate (default: no)
  • enable_strict_check (bool): whether to enable strict host key checking (default: true)
  • password_authentication (bool): whether to use password authentication (default: false)

The ssh_run() function

Castor supports running commands on remote servers through SSH with the ssh_run() function:

use Castor\Attribute\AsTask;

use function Castor\ssh_run;

function ls(): void
    // List content of /var/www directory on the remote server
    ssh_run('ls -alh', host: '', user: 'debian', sshOptions: [
        'port' => 2222,
    ], path: '/var/www');

Upload and download files

Castor provides 2 functions ssh_upload() and ssh_download() to exchange files between localhost and a remote server:

The ssh_upload() function

use function Castor\ssh_upload;

function upload_file(): void
    ssh_upload('/tmp/test.html', '/var/www/index.html', host: '', user: 'debian');

The ssh_download() function

use function Castor\ssh_download;

function download_file(): void
    ssh_download('/tmp/test.html', '/var/www/index.html', host: '', user: 'debian');